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Learn Arabic with nimnim app is an interactive and engaging phonics and Arabic alphabet game with a mission to help children around the world to learn Arabic and make learning Arabic fun.

Best 2021 App Award


Uses 'fus-ha' Arabic dialect

Interactive and Intuitive

High-Quality Content

How Children Can Use the App

choose a  letter and enjoy playing 

Children are introduced to the Arabic Alphabet and Phonics through four extensive games, meeting a host of colourful animals along the way and improving their letter recognition and literacy skills as they progress.

Everybody Loves Learn Arabic from Nimnim!

Learn Arabic in a Fun Way

“ My daughter loves playing with Learn Arabic app from Nimnim, she really enjoys it. She learns without even realizing it. I am so glad she now knows all the letters'names and sounds and example word for each Arabic letter.”

  Noor Imad, Mother

Learn Arabic with Nimnim Available on Google play store and Apple App store

Suitable for children aged 3-7

Complements the curriculum used in schools by following the alphabetical order

Designed in consultation with  leading academics and game designers

Includes four games for each letter

Nominated for best app award 2021


Nimnim  Arabic Alphabet puzzle


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Snakes and ladders Arabic cardboard game


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