Our story 

A message from the founder, Dr Abdulwahid 


Right when Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, Nimnim Arabic was born.

As a Muslim parent, living in the west, I was exposed to the amazing educational toys and applications that I used to buy for my children for various subjects such as English and Maths. However, I could not find high quality  toys and applications that teaches Arabic language. I was frustrated trying to keep my children engaged while teaching them Arabic. I remember in 2016, when my first child was playing on an app and learning the English alphabet,  I contacted an App development firm in Manchester and asked them if they can create an Arabic educational app. I thought to myself, I will start saving to one day create this app for my children and all the children around the world. I started seriously researching the concept since August 2020.  I consulted with major child educational application development and gaming firms such as Fable vision in USA, Fan Studio and Pop Leaf in the UK.  I gleaned great insights from these generous and heart-felt consultations. Finally, after working with a team of top quality designers, animators, sound effect specialists, and game developers  and a lot of favor from God and support from my family, our vision to bring the best quality Arabic educational application has come to life with Nimnim.

I am happy and grateful that my second child along with children around the world, can use the app to Learn the Arabic Alphabet and have fun at the same time. 

Our vision to be the bench mark for teaching Arabic through play, online and offline! We aim to grow Nimnim with forward thinking people who are passionate about making learning Arabic engaging and fun. Our aim is to provide the best experience for our customers, and to always raise the bar for high standards. We are committed to give away 20% of the profit to charitable causes ( mainly supporting orphans in the Middle east and Africa and supporting these communities with long term sustainable projects) and reinvesting in the company to develop more fun applications. 

Nimnim Arabic  is a registered trademark, it is subsidiary of Evolvedoc limited, a registered company in England and Wales, company number 11676704

Harnessing research, design and technology, we create kids targeted playful media addressing issues from eduction to health. Email us learnarabicapp@nimnim.uk 


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