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  • How do I login to my account?
    If you downloaded the application on your phone or your tablet. You can just tap on the app and you will go directly to the landing page. You do not need to create an account. We made our apps easy and fun.
  • Is my device supported?
    You can download the application on any devices that supports Anroid or IOS applications. It can be dowloaded to tablets, and Ipads.
  • How much does it cost? Will I lifetime access?
    Our apps are free.
  • I purchased the upgraded version yesterday and it's locked again today
    Did you buy the full (unlocked) version or the version unlocked with in-app purchase? If this was a free app unlocked with an in-app purchase, it should be possible to restore it. You can try going to (Settings) in the app and tapping on the Restore button. If you have purchased the fully unlocked version, it might be possible that you still run the free version (as they have similar icons).
  • I would like to get a refund (for an accidental purchase, etc.)"
    We would love to be able to directly process a refund for you; however, we have no control over the store and no access to customers' data or payment information. We recommend contacting iTunes Customer Support to ask for a refund:
  • Black screen after running an app
    If the app does not start at all or displays a black screen, it can happen because of an issue with the storage space on your device. Please try freeing some space and reinstalling the app.
  • Can I download the app on another device for free?
    Yes. You can download it again for free on Google Play Store or Amazon App Store if you use the same user account.
  • App freezing or crashing
    Restarting your device (completely switch off and then back on) usually helps.
  • Still have only the free version instead of the full version after purchasing
    It might be possible that you are trying to run the free version instead of the full version. Please try to delete the free version and find the full version. If it is not installed, you can download it and install it again from the Store with no charges (as you already paid for it)
  • I would like to get a refund for an app purchased on Google Play (accidental purchase etc.)
    Please let us know your order number or your account name (e-mail) and we will try to help you.
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